Named to inspire those cooking at home to add a little flair to their kitchen lives, Garnish'd aims to provide recipes developed by local restaurants, cafes, and businesses, with a focus on simplicity, while also supporting and promoting these local restaurants in a time of economic uncertainty. 

Life is a journey and so is cooking. Cooking is about creating an experience that can be shared and loved amongst every generation. It's meant to be forged from love and care and so while we are providing you with the foundation for a delicious meal, our mantra is to "Cook with your Heart". We urge you to create something unique and tailored to your liking and are happy to follow you on that journey.

Image by Soroush Karimi



As a group of UBC & SFU students who have a passion for helping the community, we believe that one of the key aspects of life during this pandemic is cooking at home and eating well. Spurred by the many news stories of local restaurants struggling to stay afloat and coming up with innovative ways to continue business, we thought it was a good idea to try to use our resources to connect local establishments, such as restaurant and cafes, with food influencers, and end-consumers in a meaningful way that is beneficial for everyone. While we don’t receive a kickback or compensation in any way from our work developing Garnish'd, we do get the satisfaction of being able to support and connect our local community, through a program which we believe has great potential, in these uncertain times.